About us

Today we have a busy life, we are running from one place to another without stopping for a moment to take a breather to enjoy conscious self-care.
Keymes Cosmetics was born from the initiative of young people who have become aware of this situation in themselves . It is born from my own experience in a world where most of the products that are used are made up of artificial ingredients, and the change towards natural self-care .
It was born, therefore, from the illusion of creating a series of sustainable routines, formulated with natural, vegan ingredients, friendly to you and your body . Our products are intended for strong, confident and at the same time relaxed people, who enjoy nature and self-care.
Keymes aims to offer you the moment of calm you need in a hectic world. Natural mentality, softness and comfort for your body. Health to you. It's time to enjoy conscious self-care to recharge your energy.
And why did we choose a collection suitable for the curly method for our first routine? Because we are curly girls. After years of mistreating our curls with unhealthy products, we discovered the curly method. And that's when we wanted to go one step further, and create our own routine, made in Spain, suitable for the curly method and based on everything we've learned.
Our main objective from the beginning was to maximize the potential that a curly product can have, creating the perfect formula to carry out a complete routine of healthy curls.
But... this is only the beginning: New conscious self-care collections are coming...
Have a happy self-care ritual, Keymes will accompany you whenever you need a healthy beauty routine.