WE LOVE SUMMER! It is a magnificent time of the year, in which it is possible to break with the routine and carry out pleasant and beneficial activities for physical and mental well-being. To do this, nothing better than getting the best out of the sun, enjoying the company of our loved ones and doing physical practices that nourish the body and mind.
But... we also know that the effects of the sun, chlorine, sand and salt can be devastating to any hair. And as CURLY girls we also know that these effects are especially damaging to curly hair, which usually needs more specific care to keep it hydrated, manageable, defined and frizz-free.
For this reason, we want to tell you everything you need to know to take care of your hair and be able to enjoy the summer wearing a natural, nourished, shiny and beautiful hair.


Effects of SUMMER on our hair

We are increasingly aware of the damage that the sun causes to our hair. That is why we must give it special attention if we do not want to suffer the hair consequences at the end of the season.

UVA and UVB rays damage the cuticle, the outermost layer of the hair, making the hair more fragile and brittle. Cuticle damage also means less healthy hair. The hair loses shine and acquires a dull appearance and this, in turn, in curly hair makes it more difficult for the curl to form.

But... Cheer up! what will we give you some tips you can implement so this doesn't happen.

  • Cover the hair: It is the first thing you should do when you go to the beach, or take a walk in the sun, whether with hats, scarves or caps. This will keep your hair from being directly exposed to the sun. You can also opt for hairstyles such as braids or bows.
  • Thermal protectors: It is recommended to use them, to protect hair from heat.
  • Wet hair with fresh water: It is very important to protect hair from chlorine and salt. Chlorine from swimming pools damages hair, as it tends to remove the natural oils from our hair, which is especially harmful to curly hair, which tends to be drier. As for sea salt, it tends to dehydrate hair. That is why we recommend wetting the hair before and after exposure to chlorine and salt.
  • Avoid dehydration: At the organism level, drinking more water in summer is key to ensuring a good state of hydration. During the summer season there is more sweating, which leads to a greater loss of fluid. Keeping your body hydrated will help your hair, but you must also counteract the damage caused specifically to the strand, with moisturizing products, such as nourishing masks, at least twice a week. With them, in addition to avoiding possible damage, the cuticle will be sealed, minimizing frizz .
  • Avoid heat: Avoid the use of heat, dryers, diffusers, try to dry your hair naturally as much as possible.
  • Avoid using combs: Try to comb your hair with your fingers, with wet hair, if this is not possible, use a thick-toothed brush that cannot break your strands.
  • Self-care routine: Normally in summer when you are on vacation, care is somewhat relaxed, so we must be aware when choosing a self-care routine since it is the time of year when hair requires special care to not be damaged and maintain a healthy appearance, so it is essential and necessary to use professional quality products.


SUMMER by Keymes

We believe that the self-care routine is one of the most important aspects when it comes to preparing our hair for the summer and it is probably what we forget the most!

That is why at Keymes cosmetics we have developed a 4-step hair care routine that will help you prepare your hair and keep it healthy, strong and hydrated.

Our products have a quality guarantee: they are cruelty free, vegan, without mineral oils, they contain ECO certified ingredients, without sulfates or silicones, without drying alcohols and without waxes.

It is an extremely moisturizing and light routine , especially for use in summer as it leaves a natural and relaxed appearance, while deeply hydrating the hair without weighing it down and keeping it strong to deal with the damage that summer does to our hair. .

Step 1 🍃 Power Shampoo clean and moisture for a deep clean, but at the same time soft, respectful and delicate

Step 2 🍃 Wonder Mask nutrition and shine , a mask for a marvelous or intensive nutritious treatment. Promotes moisture retention and protects hair from drying out and brittleness. It brings shine and helps a lot to reduce friz. It has multiple uses according to the type of hair.

    • Conditioner : For finer hair, you can leave it on for 5 minutes and rinse
    • Mask : leave on for 20 minutes for a deep hydration treatment for dry, thick, frizzy, damaged, dehydrated hair, with high porosity and lack of shine. For a better result you can cover with a cap, or hot towel.
    • Leave in : Its light texture allows you to use it in a small amount to improve styling without the need to rinse.

Step 3 🍃 Magic Cream defining and moisturizing , a cream to define, hydrate and give the hair an injection of vitamins. Ideal for reducing frizz, it provides shine and hydration in a light way without weighing it down.

Rub with your hands to give it heat and apply, the amount is the key, according to your hair type, from mid-lengths to ends. It can also be used as leave in.

Step 4 🍃 Prodigious Gel definition and protection , the star of the routine, a gel with a light and watery texture that gives your definition the best finish and protects your curls. The more definition, the longer lasting.



There is no SINGLE way to use the products or apply the Keymes routine, and we have learned this from our own experience and from the experience of our clients who have taught us different ways to use each of the steps of our routine.
Curly method by Keymes is adaptable to all types of hair, leaving your hair balanced, natural, casual...

And you... are you ready for SUMMER?

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